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Underride Accidents

There has been much discussion about how the sheer size of a large truck increases the likelihood of death and injury when they are involved in an accident. But in truth, the height of a large truck is just as dangerous to a passenger vehicle. In underride accidents, the passenger vehicle goes partially or wholly under a truck or trailer, a position that significantly increases the chances of death or injury for the car passengers. According to a study by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, front, rear or side underride occurred in half of all fatal large truck accidents.

To reduce the prevalence of such accidents, a federal rule took effect in January 1998 to upgrade the rear impact guard standard for new trailers. However, the rule does not affect all large trucks and even then only includes the rear, which does not account for the majority of underride accidents. At least 77% of all underride accidents involve the front and side. In addition, critics hold that even the existing guard itself is inadequate; the guard-welded onto the back of the truck-is thought to be too weak, too high and ineffective.

Underride accidents might be largely preventable if all trucks and trailers were required to have adequate front, side and rear underguards to prevent passenger vehicles from slipping underneath. The underguards cost little relative to the damage they may prevent, but those in the trucking industry cite the lack of government regulations as an impediment to their installation. 

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