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Specializing in Truck Accidents

A trucking accident in Gainesville, FL, can change your life instantly. Understanding your rights under Florida’s no-fault insurance laws can be complicated. You need to know how to hold the trucking company liable for as much as possible, and how you can get what is rightfully yours in a trucking accident. You have questions, and we’re here to help you get the answers you need. You don’t have to go through this alone. We are happy to do a consultation and put your mind at ease.

Proving Liability

Liability is critical to deciding who will pay for your injuries, and how much they will pay. In a trucking accident the truck driver will try to reclaim that he or she is not at fault. Road conditions, road construction, and other circumstances sometimes become an argument for why a driver was not responsible for a trucking accident in Gainesville, FL. In some cases, the truck driver may even try to prove that you are partially or completely responsible for your own injuries. It’s hard to believe that someone would blame you when you were the victim, but it happens. Let our experience work for you. We not only understand liability and the law, but we will go the extra mile to make sure you win your case.

Investigating Your Case

The trucking accident investigation will include special circumstances (such as road conditions), the truck driver’s driving record, the truck drivers driving habits, whether or not the truck driver was sleepy or drove for too many hours, and anything that may prove the truck driver’s actions resulted in the accident. Without a qualified lawyer to help you, the investigation will be one-sided, and you won’t be represented at all. We are experienced in accident investigations in trucking accident in Gainesville, FL. Our firm will prove your case, advocate for your rights, and get you the money you deserve.

Get Your Life Back

We are very thorough, and want to see you get compensated for everything you’ve lost. Many trucking accident victims aren’t aware of all of their rights. In addition to medical expenses, you may have lost wages, and suffered other financial hardships. The emotional toll a trucking accident can take on you and your family is important to us, as well. Accidents are traumatic. Getting your life back means getting you a settlement that takes all things into consideration.

Most importantly, don’t wait to get us on your side. You need someone who will get involved right away and represent you every step of the way.