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What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Finding out what your personal injury case is worth is an important part of determining what to do at this point, whether to accept a settlement offer by the insurance company or whether your case should be brought to trial to be resolved. A Gainesville injury attorney can address these issues for you, working to accurately determine what your case should be worth and therefore opening the window for you to recover the full value of your claim.

There are numerous different issues that a lawyer may look to in establishing the worth of a claim. In some cases, this may be fairly straightforward, as determined by medical expenses, hospital bills, the cost of medication, etc. It may also include loss of earnings from missed work or because the victim is unable to work in the same field or cannot return to work at all. In other situations, particularly when considering non-economic damages, this can be extremely difficult. How do you put a price on the emotional trauma or pain and suffering that an accident has caused? Our law firm works with expert witnesses and professionals in various fields in order to determine what our clients’ cases are worth. We may involve economists, medical professionals, accountants and psychologists to establish what a personal injury claim should be worth.

Recovering Financial Compensation for a Gainesville Injury Claim

The next step, after determining what a case is worth, is to seek this amount in full. Most Gainesville injury claims are settled outside of court. This means that the parties involved reach a negotiated agreement regarding the value of a claim. On rare occasions, a case will need to go to trial to be ruled on by a judge and jury.

At Steven A. Bagen & Associates, we are here to properly determine what your case is worth and then pursue this amount by way of a negotiated settlement or courtroom litigation. With the experience and resources to actually make a difference in your case, we can apply whatever strategy is best for your unique situation.

Contact a Gainesville personal injury lawyer at our law firm today to learn more about what your case is worth, and how we can help you recover this financial compensation.