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Personal Injury Law Gainesville FL

Personal injury cases require the toughest, most experienced lawyers in the industry. It is often tough to fight these cases and even tougher to win. When it comes to your personal injury case, it’s worth the investment to ensure you have an experienced, reputable lawyer at your side. Personal injury cases may be overwhelming and complex. Additionally, the severity of the injury or the financial loss puts you at even more of a gamble in a personal injury suit.

What falls under personal injury claims?

The following types of injuries and accidents fall under personal injury and require the assistance of an experienced lawyer:

Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries

Some accidents are so severe that they can significantly affect your physical capabilities or appearance for a year, or more, or even permanently. These types of injuries require the special attention of an expert legal team to get the most of your claim. If your life is altered in such a permanent manner, it’s important to get the results you deserve.

Severe Injuries

Generally, the amount of money you receive as compensation is determined by the severity of your injury. Moreover, the severity of your injuries is measured by the amount of your medical bills, the type of diagnosed injuries you have and the length of time it takes for you to recover. As the potential cost of recovery increases, so does the range of compensation you may receive. It’s important to have the right lawyer at your side to ensure your case is well defended and you receive the right amount of compensation you need to recover.

Medical Malpractice

It’s sad but medical malpractice cases are on the rise due to careless, incompetent treatments provided by overworked, under rested doctors who do not have the time to treat patients with the care they need. If you’ve received poor care in the hands of a doctor, nurse, clinic technician, laboratory technician, or any other medical provider then it is important to contact the team at Steven A. Bagen Law right away to discuss your case. Medical malpractice laws are complex and intricate so it’s imperative you have the right lawyer at your side.

Toxic Exposure

We live in an industrial age where chemicals are becoming an increasingly large element of our daily lives. People become sick daily due to the exposure of contaminants in the air, soil, water, and/or in food.

In the increasingly chemical world, we sometimes become ill because of exposure to contaminants in the air, soil, or water, in products, or in food. Claims based on such exposure are difficult to prove, however, and often require complex scientific data. And because the chemical and other industries have erected a huge wall to protect themselves from legal exposure while they continue to expose us to potentially harmful chemicals, the required evidence is very hard to come by. Get expert help.