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Negligence & Personal Injury Claims

Negligence is the most common reason for personal injury lawsuits throughout the United States. Negligence is defined as causing injury to another person as the result of an action or inaction that constitutes a failure to provide proper or reasonable care under the circumstances. A good rule of thumb in regard to determining whether negligence occurred is to ask the question: would a reasonably prudent person in the same or similar situation have acted in the same way? If the answer is no, it is possible that negligence has occurred.

Proving negligence can be complicated and difficult, depending on the specific circumstances of the incident and what may be considered “reasonable care” in that particular situation. Working with a Gainesville injury attorney is one way that you can review your injuries or accident to determine if you have grounds for a personal injury claim. From there, a competent lawyer can work to prove that the other party should be held accountable by proving that they have acted negligently. Your lawyer will also need to prove that you suffered quantifiable injury as a result of the other parties’ conduct.

Injured by Negligence? Contact a Gainesville Personal Injury Lawyer

Negligent conduct may take on many forms. As an example, a driver must obey traffic laws and also drive with a reasonable amount of caution for the safety of others on the road. Running a red light, speeding, texting while driving or talking on the cell phone may all be examples of negligence, if these lead to a car accident. Medical professionals have an obligation to provide a standard level of treatment or care to a patient. Accidentally prescribing the wrong medication, making a mistake during a surgery and misdiagnosing a patient are all potential forms of medical negligence, or medical malpractice.

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