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Serious Car Accidents Attorney Gainesville, FL

Whether you’re driving to the grocery store a block away or going out of town three hours away, every time you get into a car, you are at risk for getting into a car accident. The statistics are frightening – in Florida alone, there were 256,206 traffic crashes in 2007. According to these numbers, that averages out to 702 crashes a day.

The Florida Department of Highway and Safety Motor Vehicles presented the Florida Traffic Crash Statistics which includes the following numbers:

  • Fatal traffic accidents – 2,947
  • Injuries from traffic crashes – 212, 149
  • Accidents resulting in injuries – 135,601
  • Accidents resulting in property damage alone – 117,658
  • Pedestrian accidents – 8,129
  • Bicycle accidents – 4,847
  • Motorcycle crashes – 9,205

According to these numbers, no one is safe and no one is immune to the dangers of the road. Add to these numbers the onset of distracted driving behaviors, and your risk of being in a serious car accident triples.

Have you been in a serious car accident?

You never see it coming. You’re on your way to work thinking of the endless to-do list that awaits you and, like out of nightmare, a car barrels into you and you are out of work, in the hospital, and facing a pile of medical bills that you are unsure how you will pay for. When this happens, contact the personal injury attorneys at Steven A. Bagen & Associates. Our serious car accident attorneys will fight for your rights while you fight to get back to everyday life.